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Helpless with pest problem? Well, not anymore! Pest Control Ottawa is a reliable pest control service provider you can call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Do you have a pest control problem in your house or office?

As one of Ottawa’s most efficient Pest Management companies, our team of local exterminators has been surpassing expectations with assured results in office and home pest extermination for over a decade to residential and commercial pest control clients in Ottawa and the surrounding areas.

We provide a full array of pest control services covering everything from termites, fly ants, carpenter ant swarms and cockroaches, rats and mice, birds and bats and even wildlife such as raccoons and skunks. Our selections of highly skilled and exceptionally equipped exterminator are available 24/7 365 days a year and are dedicated to locating the source of your pest control problem.

If you have got a pest infestation and are based in Ottawa or the surrounding areas, we can assist you to exterminate all pests in your home or office and relieve the stress they cause. Pest infestations are generally difficult to remove on your own because pests have adjusted to live and can pretty much take whatever is thrown at them that is why you will need pest removal services like spider control, wasp control, vermin control, roach control, bird control, mouse control, insect control, bed bug treatment, termite control, fumigation, or any pest killer related services to handle them.

The bad thing about pests is that the longer it takes you to control them, the more confident they’d becoming in causing more damage to you and the place you live in. So don’t hesitate the moment you notice them. There are many local pest control companies in Ottawa (try searching for “pest control companies near me”) you can contact including us.

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Who We Are?

Pest Control Ottawa is one of the leading pest control specialists in Ontario and has been for years. Our expertise in the business means we can help you with any type of infestation including bed bugs, ants, termites, rodents, cockroaches, wildlife, birds or even wasps and bees.

Over time, we have built up our knowledge and ability, along with a strong name of professionalism, effectiveness, and trustworthiness. That is just a natural result of the hard work and determination we put in to ensure that every client’s pest control problem is eliminated

Have you got pests?

There is no reason why you must continue sharing your house or office with pests. We understand just how much of a head ache an infestation can be. We have also made sure that we eliminate any pests you have using pesticide based solutions which will not hurt you, your family or co-workers but will undoubtedly be devastating to the pest population that has been bothering you.

We are the solution to your pest control problem.

Our trusted teams of bonded and accredited technicians are not only prepared but highly skilled to eradicate your home or office of pests. The first thing we always do when we arrive on site is to perform a full review to ensure that we understand just what the issue so that we can provide the correct solution.

Our technicians are not just exceptionally professional and proficient, but also friendly and courteous. We will provide you with a detailed estimate including time and costs involved and we will answer any question you might have about the procedure, security, pest control or any other problem that comes to mind.

Permanent Pest Control Solution

Pest Review Service

Our pest review service will ensure year round protection to your home as well as your family. It requires a couple of nails to construct a house, however a heart to establish a family home and there’s nothing like the relaxation you and your family will get knowing your home is pest free.

Our pest review service is done in an efficient and effective way by seasoned professionals to ensure accuracy. A comprehensive review of your house or office will enable us to provide detailed reports of any findings and suitable recommendations.

Our pest review services are available for:

State Report

Pest & Termite Review

Pre Purchase Review

Building Review

Pool Review

Residential Services

Having issues with fleas or mosquitoes?

Have you got spiders or cockroaches at home?

Pest Control Ottawa is the one of the most trustworthy residential pest management service providers in Ontario and the health and security of you and your family is our primary focus. Pests can not only cause extensive and costly damage to your home, which can be dangerous, they also carry a multitude of germs and diseases which can affect the health of your family.

With our trustworthy and reputable professional team of pest management specialists we guarantee you nothing but results because we understand what it feels like to be invaded by pests and the stress it will cause you and your family members.

A variety of pests covered by our services

Pest Control Ottawa residential services comprise the following:














Rodent Control


Bird Control


New Building Termite Pre-Treats

Termite Reviews


Termite Treatments


We assess and implement preventative strategies to extinguish the likelihood of pest infiltration and we keep our customers informed about our procedures. We understand the intricacy of pests at home therefore we insist on providing advice to every member of your family to ensure your home remains pest free.

Why Select Pest Control Ottawa?

  • We provide a complete 100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee
  • Our Low Cost Guarantee ensures an extremely competitive cost
  • Our professional team is licensed, fully insured, accredited, and exceptionally skilled.
  • With our team of team of fully trained technicians and exceptionally equipped pest management trucks we are able to eradicate any pest you have in your home.
money back guarantee
satisfaction guarantee

Commercial Services

Running a company and concerned that rodents or insects are causing damage to your company or reputation?

Ottawa’s Pest Control management team safeguards your business from these stresses. We know the character of companies is to be prosperous whilst keeping customer satisfaction at all times. Here at Pest Control Ottawa we know the hindrance pests can cause to your company and we can help eliminate the problem for you.

The consequences of pest infiltration changes depending on the kind of pests you have and it can be really damaging to your company’s reputation. It can lower consumers and customer satisfaction, affect worker morale and in addition cause damage to your property and spread diseases.

Our team of bonded and accredited technicians are waiting to answer your call!

We will work with you to come up with personalized pest management services for your company. We will inspect, analyze and solve all associated pest issues to ensure they do not return in the future.

Pest Control Ottawa’s assessment starts with an on site visit and consultation to ascertain the most suitable strategy to eradicate the pest issue. Our technicians subsequently present you with a customized pest report that provides a strategy for your business to eliminate all pest problems.

We provide protection and pest management treatment to companies in the following groups:

Collage of places and structures


  • Food Production
  • Hospitals
  • Resorts
  • Eateries
  • Retail
  • Schools or alternative Educational Facilities
  • Warehouses and Food Distribution Centers

Why Us?

Because we're the best at that which we do!

pest control in action


  • We provide Emergency Services
  • We provide exceptionally competitive and unobtrusive estimates
  • We are eco-friendly!
  • We provide solutions that are personalized and customized to your company
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed


At Pest Control Ottawa you can anticipate:

pest control customer service


  • Rapid Reply: Accredited commerce technicians are offered to provide same day reply, seven days per week.
  • Discretion: you'll always receive courteous and professional service. Our technicians will likely be diplomatic and unobtrusive performing treatments and when discussing pest control.
  • Complete Satisfaction Guarantee: Every treatment includes a written guarantee.



100% Totally Guaranteed and Authorities Licensed

If you have a pest control problem in your home or office that is causing you stress and irritation then call us today and we will dispatch a team of specialists to eliminate the problem so you don’t have to worry anymore.



Truths About Pests


Did it cross your mind how long fleas can live and what they feed on? Well, it turns out they can live more than one hundred days starved of blood of their host, like us humans, domestic animals and others. Their life begins an egg and then turns into a larva and eventually becomes a pupa before reaching the last stage, being the biting adults.

Carpenter ants are among of the common pests to occupy houses in Canada. They are greatly identifiable with their reddish brown to dull black appearance. They have the typical body features any other ants have. But what you will hate about them is their ability to dig through woods your house is built with, making the structure weak and prone to breaking down.

Did you know that ticks are more related to scorpions and spiders than to insects? That is because ticks are arachnids. And guess what, there are about 850 tick species, but what will trouble you the most is that some of them can actually transmit diseases like Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, Ehrlichia and Lyme disease.

If there is a feature of rodents you will hate, that would be their enormous twin incisors. Why? Because those unbelievably strong teeth can chew through materials without a problem, like concrete, brick, metal and plastic. So you can imagine your house being chewed having them around.

Because bed bugs are skilled hitch hikers, your home, particularly in the bedroom, could be the next place they will show up. They can ride in belongings, which allows them to move between places. So next time, be cautious about the places you visit. Those little hitch hikers may be there waiting for you to bring them home.

The most essential thing you can do to avoid spider infestation is to cut their food supply from inside your house by controlling the invasion of other insects they consider food. In regard to this, sanitation is also key as lack of it could invite other insects which will eventually draw in spiders looking for food.

We serve Ottawa and the following surrounding regions:

Kanata, Orleans, Gloucester, Barrhaven, Greely, Metcalfe, Goulburn, Stittsville, Richmond, Almonte, Nepean, Osgoode, Cumberland, Manotick, Navan, Kars, Cambridge, Russel

Your location not mentioned? Check with us by calling our hotline if we our services can cover your location.

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Got Questions?

Let us answer every pest control question you have. Our customer support is always available and ready to address your pest concerns.

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